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The World of Metals

Coming from someone with highly sensitive skin and easily prone to allergic reactions, it was important for us to design jewelry pieces with that in mind. The base metal makes a world of a difference in jewelry and this is why:

Ever wondered why your finger turns green after wearing a ring? More than likely the base metal is brass but it is the copper in brass and bronze that is causing your skin to turn green, and this likelihood is increased if your jewelry comes in contact with water. That being said, if you're wearing a brass base ring (or any other type of jewelry), it is most likely to leave a green tinge on your skin when you sweat or wash your hands. For individuals with sensitive skin, you might have an allergic reaction and get itchy. 

To avoid the allergic reaction (green tinge included) we opted for 925 Sterling Silver as the base metal for all of our jewelry. We wanted to create a line of jewelry that not only would be durable but where all around quality would be a standard. We frequently get asked:

What materials do you use?
All of our jewelry is crafted with the following high-quality materials: 14k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver, 18k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver, and Sterling Silver, hallmarked with 925. Our jewelry is nickel and lead-free.

Have peace of mind that our jewels won't cause allergic reactions and even individuals with highly sensitive skin can shop with ease.

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