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Our Jewelry Inspiration

We frequently get asked about our unique jewelry designs and where they originate from. If haven't had the chance to visit our 'About Us' section, here's a little background information on how The Silver Root (TSR) came into existence.

First things first, we're a husband and wife duo who met and married in Dubai...I know, quite random and exciting at the same time! We like to call it a solid mix between East meets West. Throughout our journey as a couple, we have always shared a love for travel and have extensively traveled both before our union and as a couple. Coming from two different cultures, it was never something that defined us or our 'differences' but better yet something that brought us together to share views, perspectives, and passion for learning and of course the curiosity of the unknown- travel. In our travels we really enjoyed steering off the mainstream tourist paths and exploring on our own in order to have the ability to truly immerse ourselves in the cultures and experiences. As we traveled, we focused on the many aspects that encompass cultures but in particular what really defines the 'citizens'...this, we noticed, was in how they themselves defined their styles through accessories and jewelry. 

We wanted to capture the 'essence' of every culture in the form of jewelry that would be expressive in defining ones unique 'style' and thus our designs showcase just that. We've taken the time to cultivate designs ranging from inspirations from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia and look forward to continuously be inspired by the many beautiful people, cultures, and countries that make up the world.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about where we derive our inspirations for The Silver Root jewelry. Join us on our journey of explorations and designs and be inspired by one of our jewelry pieces to define your own personal style!

pictured, 'Calypso' earrings inspired by the Caribbean for its tropical feel and vibes. View and shop our entire (so far) hammered texture jewelry collection which is inspired by the Caribbean and Latin America. 


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